Our mission is to help faculty acquire new teaching tools to educate a rapidly growing number of engineering students to produce top-notch well-rounded engineers.

International Student SupportInternational Programs
Find resources about study or teach abroad opportunities, basic immigration requirements, etc.
Student SuccessStudent Success
Find resources that help students at risk of being in negative academic standing.

Women & Minorities in Engineering/LSAMP
Find resources to help or support women, underrepresented and minority students pursuing careers in Engineering.

Pederson Communication Collaboratory Pederson Communication Collaboratory
Find resources for supporting writing and communication skills instruction and assessment in CoE WIC courses and for incorporating or enhancing a communication focus in other technical courses across the engineering curriculum.

Student Success

Every year, the College of Engineering surveys undergraduates during their final term of enrollment to determine anticipated employment, salary, type of work, and work location.

College of Engineering students can partake in a new suite of study abroad opportunities, thanks to a new international minor and a recent partnership between Oregon State University and Global Engineering Education Exchange.

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