Pederson Communication Collaboratory in the College of Engineering is dedicated to delivering world-class engineering talent by supporting CoE faculty and college-wide efforts to prepare our undergraduates as excellent engineering communicators.

What services do we provide?

  • Develop and implement strategies for enhancing writing and communication skills in the required undergraduate writing courses (WR 327 and the unit-specific WIC courses)
  • Provide consultation and resources for CoE faculty who are interested in incorporating a communication focus in their technical courses, or in enhancing/optimizing their existing communication assignments and activities
  • Consult with industry stakeholders to ensure that the college’s communication foci align with industry needs and expectations


  • Create, implement, monitor, and assess an engineering-specific version of WR 327, the sophomore-year technical writing course requirement for all engineering majors; coordinate CoE instructor and TA support for WR 327-E course delivery (ongoing collaboration with English Department)
  • Develop and facilitate delivery and assessment of the communication component of the CoE’s first-year Introduction to Engineering course pilot (ENGR 111)
  • Serve as CoE lead on Bacc Core review of CoE WIC courses
  • Design and complete a year-long CoE WIC course assessment project that benchmarks alignment of instructional focuses with industry needs and expectations for new-hire communication skills (competitive grant funded by the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation)
  • Consult on writing assignment development; review existing assignments to recommend strategies for increasing quality of assignment results
  • Assist faculty in creating/refining assessment tools and grading rubrics for engineering writing assignments
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate informal, ”low-stakes” writing/speaking activities in engineering courses to support students’ communication and critical thinking skills development 

Who to contact?

Tracy Ann Robinson

Tracy Ann Robinson 
Pederson Communication Collaboratory Director
College of Engineering

Where to find us?

210 Rogers Hall
Corvallis, OR, 97331